Mwanakatwe depressed, claims she inherited empty treasury from Felix Mutati

Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe has taken to heavy drinking of alcohol and is depressed because she does not know what to do with the bad economic state in which the PF has landed the country, sources within the intelligence have told the Zambian Watchdog.
Mwanakatwe has also been lamenting to close friends that she inherited a depleted treasury from former Minister Felix Mutati.
‘The Finance Minister has been complaining to friends that she inherited ‘empty’ coffers from former Finance Minister Felix Mutati and now she is depressed and has taken to heavy drinking like you saw during the NDF,’ one of the intelligence sources said.
During the National Dialogue Forum last month, Mwanakatwe turned up in a drunken stupor and struggled to walk unaided. She also dozed throughout the session before being helped out of the meeting by sympathisers as earlier she struggled to walk and almost fail on the next table.

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