Mwanakatwe in simcards scandal


The watchdog has unearthed a scam whereas newly and fraudulently elected Lusaka Central MP, Margaret Mwanakatwe alongside her husband who is the Zamtel CEO, Mupanga Mwanakatwe and Zamtel Chief Technical Officer, Sydney Mupeta are deceptively distributing Zamtel simcards to PF cadres in Bauleni.

It’s not long ago that Margaret Mwanakatwe was embroiled in a CEEC scandal in which a company owned by herself and her husband, was owing and not servicing a loan they suspiciously acquired from the commission.

A watchdog check in Bauleni has confirmed that Mwanakatwe has setup three points where PF ward chairmen are conducting a free distribution of Zamtel simcards. They are getting details of all the people they issue simcards to and record them in a book. This exercise has been going on since Friday last week.

Zamtel CEO, Mupanga Mwanakatwe, conveniently went on leave and left his fellow PF bootlicker Sydney Mupeta to act in his position and effectively see out this clandestine activity.

As a result there’s a serious rift and division in the Zamtel boardroom as the company’s processes and policies were not followed in the issuance of the sim cards.

We are aware that Zamtel Sales and distribution Director, Lhozindaba Sakala, has strongly opposed this unsanctioned move and she appears to have crossed paths with the acting CEO, Sydney Mupeta.

The Watchdog has credible information that Margaret Mwanakatwe and her allies have organised some PF hoodlums to protest against Sakala. Their motive is to subsequently get her dismissed from Zamtel.

We have no idea what these people intend to do with the sim cards they are issuing out. What’s even more worrisome is what the information they are getting from the people being issued with the free simcards is for.

Zamtel is currently making loses and has lost more than half of its subscribers under the reign of current CEO, Dr Mupanga Mwanakatwe.


1. The PF cadres have been issued with eKYC devices.
2. Zamtel has attached agents who are in charge of sim card registrations. Not anybody can do Zamtel registrations.
3. There is a normal procedure to distribute and sell sim cards and it hasn’t been followed.
4. This is not a promotion. Every promotion has to be sanctioned by the board and EXCO. It was done without consultation.
5. There is a serious plot here. Why is margarate Mwanakatwe personally involved in this exercise?
6. Why would PF officials be in charge of distributing Zamtel sim cards when it has designated people/agents to do this?

7. Zamtel is in the profit making business. It has never issued sim cards for free

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