Mwanakatwe ‘lied’ to parliament-Speaker

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini has ruled that Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe misled the House by giving two contradictory responses to similar questions raised by two members of parliament.
On 11th December 2018, Chipili Member of Parliament Hon Jewis Chabi asked the Finance Minister why there was a decline in the foreign exchange reserves at the Central Bank
A similar question had been earlier raised by Moomba Member of parliament Hon Fred Chaatila on why the foreign exchange reserves had declined by 28 percent.
In her response to Hon Chaatila, Mwanakatwe had said the decline was on account of debt service, coupon payments on the Euro bonds and increased imports on petroleum products.
However, when Mwanakatwe was asked by Hon Chabi on why government used foreign exchange reserves to pay debt, she backtracked and responded that government does not use foreign exchange reserves to service Euro bonds and stressed that government uses its own earnings to pay for the Euro bonds and went further to say ‘O sa nama boza’ accusing Hon Chabi of lying in the house.
‘We do not use reserves to service Euro bonds, we use our own earnings,’ Mwanakatwe had stated in her response which prompted a point of order to be raised against her for giving contradictory responses.
Making the ruling today which had been reserved, Speaker Patrick Matibini ruled that Mwanakatwe was not in order as one of her two contradictory responses to a similar question was definitely not correct because she responded to the same question with different answers and as a consequence misled the House and was out of order.

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