Mwanamwambwa leaves for Zimbabwe

Speaker of the National Assembly, Amusa Mwanamwambwa says African countries still have a lot to learn from each other to ensure polished democratic practices.

Speaking to journalists at Livingstone’s Protea Hotel, Mr. Mwanamwambwa who is on his way to Zimbabwe for a two-day 26th Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Parlimentary said the continent has a lot to learn from one another in terms of democratic practices and good governance.

Mr. Mwanamwambwa said about about three thousand Members of Parliament from fourteen parliaments would be in attendance at the 26th SADC Parliamentary Forum.

He said the SADC Parliamentary Forum is an organ of parliament that provides a forum for SADC member countries to exchange views on matters that affect governance in the region.

The speaker said the organisation has an important role to play in ensuring that SADC members countries adhered to democratic practices and that it has been responsible for ensuring free and transparent elections.

“The SADC Parliamentary Forum is the most outstanding organ that participates in monitoring elections, introduced transparent ballot boxes and colour coded ballot papers,” he said.

Mr. Mwanamwambwa further said that the organ recommended for integration and harmonization of tourism by making things easier in the tourism industry among countries and supports the idea of facilitating movement of tourists in the region and ensured the Transnational Wildlife path for shared wildlife.

He called for the integration of Africa to ensure a common understanding and interpretation of democratic practices and good governance.

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