Mwanawasa says he was not seeking PF attention

I am rather baffled albeit saddened that in your article pertaining to the rejected candidates of today’s watchdog edition, you have insinuated that I wanted the PF’s attention. I wish to kindly ask that you check your source of information thoroughly.

At no time did I apply for the forthcoming Kafulafuta bye election on the PF ticket or any other ticket for that matter. I was interviewed by Xavier from TheTimes and if you cared to listen to the recorded interview I had with him you would have discovered that I was not even holding my breath or remotely thinking that the powers that be would adopt me, in spite of the fact that I continue to have cordial relations with the PF leadership.

You may have noticed that I have been on a hiatus from politics and shall remain as such until I see it fit to return. I confess I am an avid reader of the watchdog just as I am of any other periodical, however it is disheartening to read falsehoods or half truths especially if they involve me or any of my family members dead or alive. I remain optimistic that you will continue to offer a selfless service to the nation and international community at large but reiterate that your stories are thoroughly checked.

I remain sincerely yours, Patrick Mwanawasa.

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