Mwanawasa stadium was not a loan but gift

Mwanawasa stadium was not a loan but gift

Former deputy minister of Finance in the Levy Mwanawasa regime Jonas Shakafuswa says the money that was used to construct the Mwanawasa stadium was never a loan but a gift.

He writes:

If I recall very well this stadium was not a loan at all, but one of the gift from China to Africa after the African Conference in China. I remember Mwanawasa telling the Nation that he was asked by the Chinese leader what project they could donate to Zambia as a gift, and he chose the replacement of Dag stadium as a gift for the people of Ndola.

*China has announced that it has forgiven Zambia of the $70 m used to construct the stadium. Shakafuswa was a minister in Mwanawasa government

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