Mwanawasa stadium was not a loan but gift

Mwanawasa stadium was not a loan but gift

Former deputy minister of Finance in the Levy Mwanawasa regime Jonas Shakafuswa says the money that was used to construct the Mwanawasa stadium was never a loan but a gift.

He writes:

If I recall very well this stadium was not a loan at all, but one of the gift from China to Africa after the African Conference in China. I remember Mwanawasa telling the Nation that he was asked by the Chinese leader what project they could donate to Zambia as a gift, and he chose the replacement of Dag stadium as a gift for the people of Ndola.

*China has announced that it has forgiven Zambia of the $70 m used to construct the stadium. Shakafuswa was a minister in Mwanawasa government

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    samlindo 7 days ago

    The problem with PF is their crockery everything that PF does should be looked at in four dimensions otherwise one will just miss out an important point, they always have something to conceal in their pants whenever they do something, that is the problem of lies because at each step you have to come up with another lie to cover up the previous one, now what happens is that the mountain of lies keeps rising such that in the end, you begin to sound stupid, watch this space is PF won’t give the Chinese KCM, just watch closely!!!!!