Mwanawasa would have bettered the economy-Namulambe

Former Science and technology and vocational training Minister Gabriel Namulambe says the country’s economy would have been better placed than were it currently is, had late President Levy Mwanawasa been alive.
He says the Late President was a very visionary and focused leader who did not tolerate any form of incompetence from either Government or political officials.
Mr Namulambe says it is sad that some MMD party officials have now turned their backs on the late president’s legacy by stating that it is not president Rupiah Banda’s Mandate to carry on the Mwanawasa legacy.
He explains that most of the programmes that president Banda is commissioning were projects initiated by the Late President.
He further adds that Zambia would by now attained the status of a middle income country had the Late President been president early as the 90s.
Mr Namulambe further adds that what is going on the MMD will come back around to judge some officials in the future.
He cautioned the party to be careful with decisions that have potential to ruin the credibility of the party.
He adds that that Rupiah Banda should not be fooled of having massive support in the party because most active members in the MMD have allegiance with the opposition parties
Meanwhile Numulambe says people should not concentrate on attacking president Banda but instead focus on developing the nation.

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