Mwansa Kapeya excited he benefitted from Sakeni’s death

Former Ifyabukaya radio programme presenter and now information minister Mwansa Kapeya has openly said he is excited that he was elevated from being a deputy minister to full cabinet minister which resulted from the death of his predecessor Kennedy Sakeni who he alleges started handing over even before he died.

Speaking on Kabwe’s KNC radio, Kapeya bragged that Sakeni told him that since he (Kapeya) has been in the broadcasting industry for a long time, Sakeni asked to learn from him. “I am excited that I have been raised to become a full corporal, I am excited obviously,” said Kapeya who sounded drunk from high way driving.

When asked about important matters like the health of ailing dictator Michael Sata, Kapeya diverted and started attacking the opposition parties in the country saying the parties were irresponsible. He avoided a repeat of the drama he put up when he claimed that Sakeni was very fit even when the deceased was seriously sick.

The comedian old man who has turned the radio station into his propaganda mouthpiece to redeem the dwindling popularity of the PF in the town of Kabwe also avoided questions on the constitution making process. Kapeya claimed Sata had no hand in controlling the private media, contradicting Sata’s recent dismissal of then information permanent secretary Emmanuel Mwamba for granting nationwide broadcasting licences to radio Phoenix and QFM radio stations. The licences have since been revoked.

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