Mwansabombwe MP Kabaso says proudly voted for rejected Bill 10

Mwansabombwe MP Kabaso says proudly voted for rejected Bill 10


‘I proudly voted for ‘dead’ bill 10’

LUSAKA, Saturday, October 31, 2020

It has come to my attention that social media is awash with a fake report that I Kabaso Kampampi, Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament voted against Bill 10 with the UPND Members of Parliament.

I wish to put it on record that I proudly voted for Bill 10 and a simple typographical error doesn’t in any way suggest that I voted NO with the UPND.

In any case if you check on the final list of PF Members of Parliament who voted for Bill 10, my name is clearly stated (check attached list).

I wish to further inform you that I have since written a letter of complaint to the Clerk of the National Assembly over the matter.

Lastly but very important, the people of Mwansabombwe have no time for negative energy.

The people of Mwansabombwe have made a strong statement by giving the UPND a nil vote at some polling stations in the last by -elections and as their representative I will not misrepresent them.

The people of Mwansabombwe wanted Bill 10 to go through but as usual the UPND and their lies shot it down.

As a representative, my duty is to carry the aspirations and hopes of the people, and Mwansabombwe has chosen the Patriotic Front and its leadership.

With or without Bill 10, Mwansabombwe has made a strong resolve to give UPND a zero vote at all polling stations.

The good people of Mwansabombwe will never betray President Edgar Lungu’s trust and love for them.

They have pledged to give the PF a resounding victory in 2021.

Hon. Kabaso Kampampi, MP
Mwansabombwe Constituency

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