Mwanza urges opposition to prioritize voters and uphold democracy

Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) Interim President Robert Mwanza says there is need for the opposition to prioritize the plight of the Zambian people and uphold the tenets of democracy if the nation’s democracy is to grow and be strengthened.

Mwanza noted that those in the opposition especially the former ruling Movement for Multi party Democracy (MMD) must accept the outcome of the September 20 polls and try by all means to build a strong opposition.

He described the various defections to the Patriotic Front (PF) from MMD as sad as they do not help Zambia’s growing democracy, therefore the opposition must withstand their position and provide checks and balances.

The CDP leader accused the former ruling party of harboring several individuals with weak minds whose only desire is to cross over to the comfort zone as opportunists.

Mwanza further appealed to the MMD to be careful in its operations so as to avoid undermining all its plans to address the aspirations of the Zambian people.

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