Mweetwa apologies to Nkandu Luo

Mweetwa apologies to Nkandu Luo

By Mastone Moonze

United Party for National Development Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa has apologized to President Edgar Lungu’s running mate Professor Nkandu Luo for referring to her as a man when he called her “MR LUO”.

Mr. Mweetwa has told Journalists in Choma this morning that his reference to Professor Luo was a slip of the tongue that never meant to ridicule her gender status.

Mr. Mweetwa said this will be the last time he will call the immediate past Munali Member of Parliament Nkandu Luo with demeaning title.

During his daily briefings on Sunday, Mr. Mweetwa referred Professor Luo as Mr. Luo, a comment that attracted condemnation from some sections of society.

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