Mwense DC halts FISP input distribution


The DC for Mwense, Mr Kasuba  instructed the officers from Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to halt the distribution of farming inputs on monday morning. Some farmers deposited money for their inputs last friday but could not collect their inputs because of the DC’s action. By tuesday morning, a group of farmers were seen gathering at the DC,s office wanting to be addressed by the DC since the Ministry of Agriculture officials told the farmers that the problem was beyond them.

The main problem is resulting from the MP for Mwense Central constituency, Hon. Mabumba who is not happy with the number of FISP packs that were allocated to his constituency. Mwense district has five agricultural blocks. Mwense central and Mambilima constituencies have one Block each while Chipiliconstituency has 3 blocks. People from Chipili and Mambilima constituencies mainly depend on farming for their livelihood  while people from Mwense central constituency depend on fishing but with the depletion of fish they have started moving to farming. Mwense central constituency is the political powerhouse in Mwense.

Hon. Mabumba wants the allocation of inputs which was done by the District Agricultural Committee (DAC) to be reversed so that all the three constituencies could get equal amounts of inputs.

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