Mwenye and Chungu want to mortgage LAZ to PF, says Chifire

Committee of Citizens executive director Gregory Chifire has said some leaders in the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) have been compromised and are trying to mortgage the association to the opposition Patriotic Front.

In a statement, Chifire said some LAZ officials were using the association to promote their personal agenda, thereby contravening the provisions of the association Act.

He said some individuals had come out strongly to defend the position of the opposition Patriotic Front.

He said the Committee of Citizens is not surprised that individuals like Paulman Chungu, the honorary Secretary for LAZ has come out strongly to defend his President, Musa Mwenya over some politically inclined statements that the latter has issued, and alleged that they are both sympathisers of the PF.

He said Mwenya had for a long time been seen preaching about regime change through the Oasis Forum, and that he now wanted to use his position in LAZ to recruit the entire Association to what he
termed as a group of desperate and opportunistic organisations and individuals that have become cheerleaders for the opposition.

Chifire urged members of LAZ to conduct an urgent but serious introspection as it is vital for the members to restore credibility in the association by remaining steadfast in putting the country
first and defending its democratic values and vision.

He said the partisan inclination that Mwenya and Chungu were pursuing in LAZ has the potential to divide the association and draw it into public revulsion and ridicule

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