‘Mwila Lumbwe hijacks Ndola Lime with full knowledge of Sata’

Dear Editor,
Please publish this complaint on our behalf as workers of Ndola Lime Company. This company has always been a target of politicians to take away as a personal company. In the past it was Frederick Chiluba (MHSRIP) and now it is Mr. Mwila Lumbwe who was appointed Chairman of the Company last year after PF came into power.
Lumbwe is posing around as an agent of President Sata at the company and has literally taken over all the operations of the company with management having no say on the decisions of the company. This is a parastatal organisation and it belongs to all Zambians. The company is owned by all Zambians through ZCCM but Lumbwe is behaving as if the PF, through its all Bemba appointees now own the company. Mr Willa Mungomba a fellow Bemba is the Chairman of ZCCM although he is much more mature in approach.
Ever since he became Board Chairman, Lumbwe has taken over almost everything from selling of lime to managing projects. We now are aware that he wants Ndola Lime to build a cement plant costing $600 million without even a study of the market. Dangote, Lafarge and Portland all have plants or are planning plants but Lumbwe is just interested in borrowing money without proper procedures. To make it worse, he is even firing good project managers so that he can appoint his relatives as project managers for the cement plant and the new expansion project. He is not even following tender procedures in appointing contractors, another company in Lusaka called Pangeya Securities has been pushed through the backdoor to manage the projects without tender procedures because Lumbwe is involved in the background.
We ask the president to intervene in managing these hungry cadres like Mr Mwila Lumbwe who is tarnishing his name with his dirty plans. No one seems to be able to touch Lumbwe, not even the Chairman of ZCCM. This is corruption of the worst form by the PF administration and its tribally appointed Chairman Mwila Lumbwe.
Concerned workers

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