Mwinilunga, another desolate town

Mwinilunga, another desolate town

Former Mwinilunga pineapple factory

Former Mwinilunga pineapple factory

Mwinilunga is just 270 Kilometres from Solwezi the provincial capital of Northwestern Province.

However when you get to Mwinilunga, you cannot believe that you are just 270 kilometers away from Solwezi where everything is happening.

As you may be aware, Solwezi hosts the Billion Dollar Lumwana, Kansanshi and Kalumbila Mines.

Mwinilunga residents will be justified if they said they want to take the Barotse route and de-link from Zambia and join Angola because everything happening in Mwinilunga resembles Angola.

There is simply no sign of the presence of the Patriotic Front government in Mwinilunga.

The residents talked to said they want President Sata dead or alive so that they can ask him about the unfulfilled promises like the revival of the Mwinilunga Cannery.

The district has no filling station and government vehicles including that of the District Commissioner, Police and the Office of President refuel from dealers who sell fuel from containers.

Even International Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) such as  World Vision get fuel supply from ‘containers dealers’.

Who said the Angolan fuel is not compatible to Zambian vehicles? It is a lie (BUFI).

In Mwinilunga, some motorists use Zambian fuel supplied in plastic containers from Solwezi while other motorists use Angolan fuel.

If you use Angolan fuel and you buy it from a Mr. Chilufya Sata at tree B, that is where you will be buying your fuel every time you need it because if you change and buy from a Mr. Solomon Jere at tree C your vehicle will cease.

You cannot just trust the fuel being sold by your neighbour.

There is no hydropower in Mwinilunga.

Residents use Thermo power which is surprisingly rationed as well because ZESCO can not guarantee sustained supply of diesel to run the machines.

Who said Load-shedding is only under Hydro power? It is another Boza. In Mwinilunga there is loadshedding everyday despite using thermo power.

If you want to drive an un-registered vehicle or motor cycles for the rest of your life go to Mwinilunga.

A number of residents have bought Motorcycles from Angola and they use them without bothering to register them. Police Officers and Intelligence officers included.

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) is a strange animal in Mwinilunga. Social places like drinking places have no toilet facilities.

A place called John’s Bottle Store at the main station run by the council has no toilet.

You have to use initiative is you are pressed. This is a place where the who-is-who of Mwinilunga drink from including the council officials themselves.

There are a number of pineapple farmers who have nowhere to take their produce.

Sata promised them that within 90 days of coming into power he was going to revive the Cannery.

90 days have passed the cannery is just a bush.

Filling station in Mwinilunga

Filling station in Mwinilunga

No investor will be willing to revive the Cannery because there is no reliable source of energy.

Senior Chief Kanongesha’s palace has no network for Mobile Phone Service.

You have to walk to town to call your relatives and friends. At John’s Bottle Store there is a person they call Chairman who drinks beers with shoes off.

Imagine you are enjoying a Castle then someone comes sits next to you and takes off his shoes?

The Government is using a building that was supposed to be a museum as a storage facility for Fertiliser and Seed.

There is seemingly no presence of Government in Mwinilunga. If you doubt this just go there. It is K200 from Intercity Bus Terminus in Lusaka but make sure you do not use Ticklay Bus Services. It is also a disaster just like life in Mwinilunga.


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