Mwinilunga chiefs refuse to endorse dictatorship

Mwinilunga chiefs refuse to endorse dictatorship

Traditional leaders in Northwestern province have refused to be abused by Edgar Lungu who wanted them to read a ‘resolution’ endorsing the arrest Hakainde Hichilema.

When he imposed himself as guest of honour at the Kufukwila ceremony of the Kaonde people, Lungu tried to bribe chiefs to denounce HH and praise him for arresting him

The chiefs simply refused as all of them and their subjects love HH and voted for him.

In frustration, Lungu proclaimed that ‘Ido not expect all of you to support me as a politician. Government is dealing with people’s challenges especially those in rural areas and social protection is one of the interventions.’

People were heard murmuring that ‘we also didn’t expect you to be here but we were expecting HH.

More than 98 % of the local people in that province do not recognise or want Lungu as president.

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