My Airtel money withdrawn

My Airtel money withdrawn

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Please help me get my cash deducted from my airtel mobile account. The last money I had in account is K390.50 dated 5 May 2020. Tonight when I wanted to buy Zesco units at first the message I received was payer has reached minimum category residual balance which I don’t even understand what it means until at last message came that I have insufficient cash in account. That there is only 50n.But where has my k390, or who has withdrawn it. I have not done it and I demand Airtel to refund me. This are hard times and every ngwee counts. Please ZWD help me recover my cash. Thank you

Here are messages received from airtel
Txn. ID : ES200502.0939.H27320. You currently have ZMW 290.50 available on your account.
Txn. ID : CI200505.1420.G49599. You have received ZMW 100.00 from 972997315,JB. Your available balance ZMW 390.50. Deposits are FREE of charge.
Transaction Failed with TXN Id : MP200509.1754.G81326, Payer minimum category residual balance reached
The PIN you have entered is incorrect. Please type your correct four digit PIN. 5 unsuccessful attempts will lock your account. Call
111 for assistance
Transaction Failed with TXN Id : MP200509.1809.H80224, Payer minimum category residual balance reached
Transaction Failed with Trans. Id : PP200509.1814.G80390 Dear customer,you have insufficient funds to do this transaction. Please call 111 for help.Thank you.
Txn. ID : ES200509.1815.H59746. You currently have ZMW 0.50 available on your account.

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    Naomi 2 weeks ago

    Maybe someone has access to your Airtel money pin it’s very easy to get the money from the account. Call 111 Toll free and find out where your money is . Thank you

  • comment-avatar
    Japheth 2 weeks ago

    These guys are becoming useless, they also deducted my money for no reasons. I also need my cash back you idiots

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    Omojola Kemisola 2 weeks ago

    I’m sick and tired of this airtel network… I bought data on my airtel app since yesterday and you’ve deducted my money from my account since yesterday and am yet to receive data… What the fuck is that if you know that your network is not good enough pls return my money or give me my data

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    Citien 2 weeks ago

    Dis you ask your spouse first and foremost before publishing your tantrums???

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    Airtel PLC is run by human beings. This means that it’s possible for something or things to go wrong either due to human error or downright theft. Report this to the regulator so that the culprit or culprits are exposed. Don’t make it easy for thieves to go on ruining people’s lives.

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    Airtel pay this person 2 weeks ago

    If it’s not Airtel employees who else? Airtel pay this distressed person do detailed investigations later. After you possess a Suspence Account where the dead who hide their pins hv left millions of Kwacha. 

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    This is too much with Airtel.