My coming back will depend on Zambians, but Scott must shut up- RB

Calls for me to come back depend on the decision of the people of Zambia and I would not want to see Dr Guy Scott eat his own heart, former President Rupiah Banda has said.

Mr Banda was reacting to Vice-President Guy Scott’s disparaging comments against the former Head of State while on a campaign trail in Eastern Province.

Dr Scott allegedly told the people in Chigwe in Vubwi constituency and Chiparamba sub-centre in Kasenengwa constituency that he would eat his own heart “if Rupiah Banda Nyama Soya” was to bounce back to power.

Mr Banda said it would be unwise for the vice- president to eat his own heart when the wishes and choices of people should be respected.

He advised Dr Scott to shut up if he had nothing to tell the electorate. Speaking to the Daily Nation in an interview, Mr Banda said Dr Scott always got excited during campaigns and did not understand the reason why the Vice President made such  derogatory statements against him when Zambians were free to express their feelings.

He said Dr Scott always  lost his thoughts whenever he was talking to people during gatherings such as political party campaigns.

The former Head of State said as a person with a heart for the people, he would not want to see Dr Scott eating his own over people’s decisions.

“How can Dr Scott speak like that? I remember when I was leaving (for South Africa on Saturday) and he was travelling to watch the game (in Ndola) we hugged when he said bye to me at the airport. Zambians must know that he gets excited when he is campaigning. Scott cannot eat his heart and I would not allow him to do that.

“What Dr Scott must know is that all this depends on the people to decide who they want as President. We cannot control the feelings of the people, so it must be left to them to decide. This country belongs to Zambians and it is not Scott to dictate what they want,” Mr Banda said.

He said it did not matter to him that the vice- president had called him “Nyama Soya” or any other names because he believed in peace.

Mr Banda  advised all political leaders to desist from spreading hate messages during their campaigns. He said Zambian politicians should draw lessons from Kenya and warned that hate speech had a potential to breed chaos.

And the MMD in Eastern Province has warned Dr Scott to desist from insulting the former head of state. MMD Eastern provincial secretary Samuel Phiri said that it was unfortunate that 50 years after independence, Zambia still had leaders who lacked respect for other leaders.

Mr Phiri said as a party they would not tolerate derogatory statements against the former president and warned that if Dr Scott continued, they would have no option but to bar him from entering the province.

He said Dr Scott should accept the fact that there were  people that believed in the leadership qualities of Mr Banda and that it was his right to contest in any election if he so wished.

Daily Nation


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