‘My comment is not appearing on Watchdog’

1                     Avoid using abusive/insulting/derogatory language

2                     Sometimes the system just delays on its own (these are machines)

3                     The system is set to detect abuse language i.e. certain abusive words are automatically detected and the system blocks the entire message until there is human intervention. We cannot manage to go through each and every comment posted so some are just deleted by the system after a certain period

4                     The system also automatically blocks certain IPs which show chronic spewing of abusive language. It reads such as spam and goes into defensive mode.

5                     You are not the editor of the Watchdog so don’t put ‘editor@zambiawatchdog.com’ on the slot for inserting your email. If you do, your message will be withheld until there is human intervention or will be deleted after a specified time. For example if your blogger name is Wajimona, your email can’t be editor@zambianwatchdog.com

6                     We know most site users put fake email addresses. We generally don’t mind but giving a real working email could help us contact you if needs be; to make a follow up on your comment if we find it to be a lead to something bigger

7                     The Watchdog can never, and will never, ever, under any circumstance whatsoever, pass your email or other detail to a third party unless you ask us to do so.

8                     The slot that requires you to put a website, leave it blank

9                     Stick to the topic. Once in a while, we delete comments that talk about fish when the topic is about shoes, for example.

10                 When you are posting a comment for the first time on an IP, the comment is held for moderation to make sure it’s a human being posting. If you comment has been approved once, you next comment will be posted to the site immediately provided it contains no abusive words, you use the same name and email. If in your next post but on the same IP (gadget), you change your name or email, the comment will be held for moderation as it will considered first posting

11                 And though we don’t mind, you don’t have to comment on each and every article. Being on the internet almost always can affect not only your health but your productivity in other areas as well. This applies to Amos Malupenga, Silvia Masebo and Dr. Christine Kaseba as well who seem to be logged on to the Watchdog 24 hours.

12                 We hope the above clarifications answer the questions you have been emailing us?

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