My conversation with the Lord

By Lucky Mulusa, MP.

Lord I submit myself to you in prayer this morning to thank you for the many gifts and favours which are too numerous to mention and for many more of them that I am not even aware of.

Lord I thank you for the gift of a seat in Parliament – with many others, we asked and prayed for it.

Lord I have been a troubled soul lately. Many paradoxes have happened in so short a period that it is beyond my human wisdom to decipher.

Lord your people asked you for a new and better government yet Lord, if what they had was a bad one, a worse one is now in their midst – your people are confounded.

Lord I thank you for the protection in the BIGOCA incidence for I was left without explanation on how and why I was spared.

I refused to run outside the Church – for you invite us to come to you for protection and not run away from you – I was in your house – so I stayed.

Lord the incidence has haunted me till this morning when I woke up for meditation.

The words of the attackers before they left the Church after almost everybody had evacuated and only Bishop Ndlovu and I remained were, “Let us go guys, these are our people”.

How was I spared and how did I become one of their own? Was it a question of mistaken identity or there was an underlying message in that proclamation?

Lord, during my lonely moment of meditation, I got the message – that those youths who were sent to inflict pain on the congregation need solutions for their plight.

I believe Lord that they were not wrong to say I am part of them – I am part of them because you gave me a gift of education, work experience, and excellent exposure to developmental policy formulation which I must pass on to them as a gift in form of solutions to their plight.

I therefore bow down Lord before you and request that May I be part of the Blessed golden jubilee government to come after this painful transition.

Lord our merciful father, may I be part of that future government so that I may, through your many Blessings, contribute towards the emancipation of those youths and many others.

Lord may that government be God fearing.

May it seek your guidance. May it possess your gift of wisdom – seek hearts of forgiveness, and hearts of generosity for all the peoples of Zambia – for your people have suffered beyond comprehension and lost many opportunities of development under the spirit of discriminatory politics and evil filled politics of vengeance.

May that government harness the good in its citizens rather than focus solely on punishing shortcomings in them.

May the punishment of wrong doers be corrective and restorative rather than punitive in nature.

Lord, may that government possess characteristics of an organised formation.

May all the initiatives of development emanate from a structured developmental strategy agreed upon by ourselves as a nation.

May the women and men who will seek public office in that government have what it takes to be servants of your people.

Oh Lord, May none of them be passengers of the system – for the system has been abused, strained  and destroyed by leaders seeking loopholes in it to exploit for their personal gains – oh Lord!

The system needs rebuilding. What did we do wrong to deserve our current situation?

Lord with tears in my heart – for the tears in my eyes have dried up due daily crying as a result of the daily destruction of our beautiful nation, I humble myself before you this morning.

Lord grant me wisdom as a servant of your people. I place my education, experience, and exposure at the service of the Zambian people, the peoples of Africa, and the whole world.

I do this with realisation that these attributes could only have been gifts from you Lord and I must use them to empower somebody else

Lord grant me the wisdom of Paul the Apostle – to recognise the good in others before seeking to correct the bad in them

Lord grant me a position to serve your people. May that position be one in which I will be able to demonstrate creativity in policy formulation – for the nation is crying for solutions.

As I serve in that future Government which will be an anointed God-fearing government, May You place God fearing people along my way so that they, without fear, will remind me of my undertakings in this Prayer to You:

Undertakings to be fair to all and not to discriminate.

Undertakings to forgive and not to revenge.

Undertakings to fear your people and not to be master over them.

Undertakings to promote democracy and not to destroy it.

Undertakings to promote shared economic development for all and not to pursue personal wealth acquisition at the expense of your peoples’ welfare.

Lord I thank you for the gift of life, a gift of a family, a gift of a wife, children, friends and relatives – including people I have perceived as enemies for these account for the most leaps in my personal development.

I thank you for a mother who taught me to choose right from wrong and whose fear for ignorance led me on a path to constantly seek knowledge.

I thank you Lord for the latest additions to the network of friends, acquaintances and colleagues. They have come with a package of love, appreciation and Godly guidance – May you continue Blessing them richly.

Lord Bless our nation.



Lucky Mulusa.

Solwezi Central Constituency

05:30 am, Monday 24 June, 2013.

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