My father was Bisa so how could I insult Bisas? Asks GBM

Responding to accusations that he said smaller tribes can’t compete with Bembas, UPND Vice president Geoffrey Mwamba said:

“…That’s a very stupid accusation. My father was Bisa so how could I foolishly say that? If you went to the registration office, my father was Bisa, my grandmother was the one who was Bemba and even the current paramount chief Chitimukulu was actually chief Mpepo and as chief Mpepo, you govern or rule the Bisas in that area. So Bembas and Bisas are one. There is no way I can make those allegations. Why they have turned to that is because they have now stopped calling UPND a tribal party because I have been appointed vice-president. So now they want to find something which they want to take to the electorate and say this is what GBM said about you. They are just scared, they are just frightened little men but we will find them on the ground,” he said. Mwamba also said if the PF insisted and declared his seat vacant, they would get a ‘shock of their lives’ in Kasama. “Let them declare the seat vacant, I am going into Kasama and mind you, I am going with a lot of MPs from the UPND who will be on the ground to support me. I am going with the entire UPND structures which will support me. If they think they are going to do what they have been doing to other constituencies where they use government money, I have been a minister before, I have been to by-elections, we were using government money, government allowances, this is cheating the tax payer…. If they insist that they declare that seat vacant, they will get a shock of their lives!”

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