‘My fellow youths lets vote wisely next year’


I am urging all my fellow jobless youths to vote wisely next year. Its good that 2015 which has been the worst year for Zambia is coming to an end. If i was asked to remove 1 year from my history i would definately remove 2015 because thinking about it makes me feel like vomiting. PF has failed us the youths & we have a chance to teach them a lesson next year. They promised us more money in our pockets but how much do you have in your pockets now? They promised us 500000 jobs but how many people have they employed so far? They promised to end casualisation but aren’t our fathers still casuals? They said by removing subsidues on essential goods they would raise more money for public expenditure but why are they now broke?

They promised to improve fairness in ZNBC coverage but why is ZNBC all about Edgar lungu & the opposition are not been covered? Only a fool will vote for PF next year. nalanda napela.

G Chibesa

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