My MMD sister in Mufulira was offered money by PF to defect

Dear editor

I think this story of PF buying cadres has some truth in it. Early last week my sister’s home was visited at night around 2000hrs by a group of PF officials who included some Minsters (names withheld for security reasons). My sister is an influential MMD official in Mufulira.

They asked her to recruit fellow MMD members in Mufulira of course at a fee so that they defect to PF in big numbers.

So when you see or hear that so many MMD members in Mufulira have defected to PF-that is one of the stories behind what Nevers Mumba is saying.

Well I advised my sister to get money if she is given and eat it, but should not recruit defectors.

I told her that she will live to regret in future if this country goes One Party state once again.

She revealed this information to me knowing that I am a PF sympathizer who is not happy with how PF party is governing the country.

PF should encourage multipartism and not destroying it.

Our leaders should realize that PF is now in govt because the past presidents like FTJ, LPM and RB allowed multipartism to flow smoothly without abusing the Public Order Act. If RB was stubborn as Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Sata would not be President today.

RB could have rejected the last years’ election results and cling to power if he wanted. Mugabe has been in power for over 32 years using suppressive methods by using the police machinery.

But RB as a democrat he just shed tears and stepped down peacefully. I rest my case.

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