‘My money missing from Zanaco’

Dear Editor,

Zanaco Gave Me 45 Days In Which they said they would refund Money Which I Did Not Withdraw. They said it will Paid Back To Me But Its Now Over

45 days. On January 16, 2014, I Checked My Balance On My Phone. I Had About K3000 So The Next Day 17 Jan Went To Withdraw At A Barclays Atm & it

Indicated I Had Insufficient Balance. I Went To Zanaco&got A Statement Which Indicated That On Jan 16 Money Was There In Acc

#0710010000065947But On 17 Only The Book Balance In Acc# 1545281100188 Without Any Withdraw Made. Zanaco Changed Account Numbers. After Weeks

The Branch Manager For Lundazi Showed Me Another Statement Which Showed That I Withdrew Money Frow A Barclays Atm. I Told Mr. Mbulo That The Atm Showed That I Had Insufficient Balance& That I Had

Evidence. He Told Me To Fill In A Form Which Showed Something Like Service Not Rendered But Account Debited. He Then Told Me That My Money Will Be Paid Back To Me In 45days. ITS OVER 45 DAYS NOW. ALL I


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