My support for HH is unquestionable and unreservedly – GBM

From GBM’ s Facebook:

Dear friends,

I wish to refute claims that I have just seen on social media, particularly, Mwebantu News Media.

I wish to restate my position once again, my support for Hakainde Hichilema is unquestionable and unreservedly. I reiterate that my support is 100 percent and not only in Northern Province but countrywide.

I have never been forced by Hakainde Hichilema or any of his agents to endorse him but that I saw the vibrance and credibility in our future Presideent, HH.

I have a had a cordial relationship with HH even before we both joined politics. We are birds of the same feathers ( successful businessmen).

I wish to assure all Zambians that I have genuinely endorsed His Excellency President Hakainde the sixth Republican President.

I urge all our countrymen and women to rally behind him and give that vote.

Viva HH

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