My wife says I have ‘Zambian Watchdog Addiction Disorder’

Dear Beloved Editor,
There is no doubt that you are a platform that gives us thorough news and allow for social interaction and personal expression.
To some of us, your site has become more than a social and news site form of engagement. You have become an increasing compulsion.
I am starting to believe that I am somehow addicted to your site. My wife is complaining bitterly that I spend a lot of what is supposed to be our good time together reading news on your site.
I always want to read your latest news and my wife thinks it is creating a serious opportunity for addiction.
In my life, I have never been addicted to anything before so I am not sure if I am becoming addicted or not.
Though I have not confessed to my wife, I have a strong compulsion for what is latest and want to always feed my compelling urge, and yearn to feel connected and be part of what you report and the discussions that follow.
Nothing satisfies this particular urge like logging on and reading your news and being social with bloggers at different hours be it day or night time. I find my desires for your news difficult to control.
There is no doubt that my wife thinks I am addicted to your site. Even when I genuinely wake up to pee at 2am or 3am she asks me if I am going to read the Zambian Watchdog.
The easy-access availability of it makes it hard to do without be at work or at home. Somehow, I am guilty of checking your site before I can even get out of bed in the morning or go to bed at night.
My wife has no kind words for your site not because she is pro PF. Her reasoning is that my habit may be harmless but I have crossed the line into an addiction. She thinks I am married to your site more than I am to her!
On new year eve she suggested that I evaluate my feelings about your site but I gave her a cold shoulder arguing that there was nothing harmful about reading news on your site.
However, I did evaluate my habit though I did not tell her. I realised that when I have not visited your site I feel anxious and can think of little besides what I am missing on your site.
The fact is that your site as well brings pleasure in my life and I have no track of exactly how much time I spend on your site.
My wife also suggested that I should schedule what she termed my “watchdog time” and stick to that schedule no matter what! I agreed to do so but I am failing to adhere to the schedule though I have not told her.
From January 1, 2013, she closes down my web browsers and removes desktop/smartphone applications like news deck that could potentially tempt me.
She also suggested that I should be using a good old-fashioned alarm clock so that my smartphones do not linger by my bedside and keep me from precious hours of sleep or being together.  My wife thinks I have a “Zambian Watchdog Addiction Disorder”, if I am to borrow her precise words.
It is not that I am struggling to make sure that I get the important bedroom and hubby tasks accomplished every day.
I want her to understand that your site will continue to influence the way we live in our home because I am an active political animal.
If it were not for your site, I do not know how I would survive hospital waiting rooms, long lines in shops, and long hours my wife takes to do her shopping.
As a die-hard patriot fan of the Watchdog, I am not able to willingly stay clear of your site for two hours making my wife to complain a lot.
I am not sure whether I am addicted or not to your site, but I know that I like your site a lot!
It is hard for me to believe or tell if my fondness for your site has become a dependency and crosses the line into a habit damaging our marriage as my wife is claiming!
Along these lines, it is hard to commit to the new year resolution my wife is suggesting of spending less time on your site.
The fact is that I love my wife, no doubt about it, but visiting your site makes me to stay current in what is happening in our nation and makes me feel more connected to our society.
 Best wishes in 2013!
John Zulu

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