Nalolo MP abandons wife for prostitutes at Parliament motel

Nalolo MP abandons wife for prostitutes at Parliament motel

The wife to Nalolo Independent member of parliament George Imbuwa has filed for divorce in the Lusaka High Court claiming that her husband has abandoned his matrimonial home as he has been staying at Parliament motel since 2016.

In a divorce petition filed in principal registry, Ushe Mweemba Imbuwa stated that the couple married under customary law on December 5, 2007 and subsequently registered their marriage under the provisions of the Marriage Act on November 21, 2011, adding that they lived as husband and wife since 2007.

Mrs. Imbuwa wants the court to dissolve the marriage because it has broken down irretrievably as the husband has denied her conjugal rights since September 2017.

She stated that when her husband only goes home when Parliament is not in session, but sleeps in a separate room.

Mrs. Imbuwa claims that her husband does not eat home cooked meals with the rest of the family and only consumes food which he buys from restaurants.

The couple has three children together and the legislator has another three from his previous marriage.

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