Nalubamba disowns Post newspaper tribal talk

Refer to the above mentioned. You connected my remarks on politicking on tribal lines with my brother, chief Sinazongwe’s on March 21, 2013 on Hakainde’s press briefing.

That was wrong because unlike what the chief of Sinazongwe is reported to have said on 21 March, 2013, mine was a reaction on a general trend of politicking on tribal lines.

It was not an attack on Hakainde as portrayed in your reporting. I didn’t say Hakainde was careless and I never even mentioned him anywhere in my remarks.

Mine was a general perception about tribal politics, and to a large extent, my comments totally tallied with what Hakainde said at a press briefing in Lusaka.

He condemned those who perceived other tribes to be more superior than others.

How then do you connect me to a statement of careless talk by HH? If you have a hidden agenda with Hakainde, it must be your problem! Do not involve me.

I was merely blaming those who say Tongas are tribal. We are not. Just look at what happened during the Chiluba change of government. The Tongas joined other tribes to overwhelmingly bring about the democratic change.

I made that reference in my telephone conversation with the Post.

I still maintain that Tongas are not tribal. And so like Hakainde, I condemn those who think that some tribes are more superior than others. We are one Zambia, one people.

Lastly, your front page statement on 22 March 2013 that “HH’s careless tribal talk has created a wrong perception” was not a product of my concept.

Senior Chief Bright Nalubamba

Source: Post newspaper

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