‘Nalubamba’ support for UPND/PF untimely’

Local Government and Housing minister Eustarckio Kazonga says Senior Chief Bright Nalubamba’s  unwavering support for the opposition PF-UPND pact, as in a named tabloid, today, is not only divisive but also untimely.

Dr Kazonga said in a statement, that Chief Nalubamba is a traditional leader whose role is to unite his subjects and lead them towards a common goal.

He noted that it was now common knowledge that traditional leader’s subjects have different political opinions and affiliations.

The minister said that chief Nalubamba has alienated himself from the subjects that do not share his political inclinations.

” The chief is openly saying that he is only a chief for those subjects who support the PF-UPND pact. This is a dilemma because other subjects have been left without a chief, considering that the Ila people of Namwala district can only have one chief at a time,” he said.

The minister said the declaration is also untimely in the sense that elections are still a long way adding that it will be counter-productive for the chief to preside over a divided chiefdom all the way to 2011.

” Government would like to appeal to chiefs to desist from reducing themselves to the level of being party cadres, ” he said.

The minister said partisan politics are divisive by nature adding that they should never be entertained by respectable chiefs.

Dr Kazonga said Chief Nalubamba should learn a lesson from other chiefs, who are quarrelling with their subjects for taking a perceived partisan stance over national issues

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