Nalumango says she is not in a beauty contest with ‘dull scatterbrain Kambwili’



UPND national chairperson Mutale Nalumango has described Chishimba Kambwili as a desperate, shallow-minded man who does not deserve anyone’s attention.

Kambwili on Tuesday referred to Nalumango as “an ugly woman” whose heart was “as horrible as her appearance”, after she commented on President Lungu’s health.

But Nalumango yesterday said Kambwili was duller than she had ever imagined.

“Really, what does beauty have to do with the points I raised? Do you see how derailed the government is? Because if you listen and hear the minister [Kambwili], he thinks I am in a beauty contest with him,” she said. “Kambwili is a person of very low calibre and even arguing with him would make me get to his level. I mean, he is so dull that even to insult me, he had to read on a piece of paper, ‘Nalumango is so ugly bwata bwata…,’ come on!”

She said Kambwili was a man of very shallow intellect, who could not comprehend issues.

“However, I am not shocked because this is Kambwili’s nature, he is a scatterbrain. He forgets that just a few months ago, he was the one attacking Lungu. I understand he is probably trying to make himself useful, he is threatened so much and feels he has to defend his seat; he has so desperately clung to Lungu’s feet,” Nalumango said. “He thought he could divert the nation from the real issue and bring it to Nalumango’s beauty. Even with his comments, I am not shaken because I know I am beautiful. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” She challenged Kambwili to respond to the issues that she raised. “Let them give us answers. Let him, for once, think and act as an intellectual. We will continue talking,” Nalumango said. She said it was not her who had called Lungu sick but that the President said it himself on ZNBC’s  Sunday Interview on September 7 last year. “The issue of my beauty or ugliness is not a political issue. My point is very clear; why did he accept to be President when he knew that his health could not allow him? They provoked our hearts by trying to quickly get that so-called ‘clean bill of health’. So we are now wondering what they are hiding. Nobody is saying others are immortal. We are talking about the health of the President. We know he is a human being, but he is in State House, our house and thus his well-being affects us,” said Nalumango. – See more at:

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