Namakando was sick even before State House meeting – Mrs. Mupo

Former MMD Western Province Women’s Secretary in the dissolved provincial executive committee, Namatama Mupo says former MMD provincial chairman Simasiku Namakando has been unwell even before his reconciliatory meeting with President Rupiah Banda at State House.

Mrs. Mupo told ZANIS in a telephone interview today, that it is not true that Mr. Namakando only got sick after a reconciliatory meeting with President Banda at State House last Sunday.

She was reacting to media reports and suggestions by some people that the former Western Province MMD Chairman Simasiku Namakando could have been poisoned at State House during a meeting with President Banda.

Mrs. Mupo, who was also part of the delegation from Western Province to State House, said assertions that Mr. Namakando only got sick after a meeting at State House were false and malicious.

She disclosed that two weeks ago, she had traveled with Mr. Namakando to Lukulu district for the funeral of his late aunt but could not get to the funeral house because he was unwell.

Mrs. Mupo said Mr. Namakando instead decided to get back to Mongu where he got some medical treatment.

“Two weeks ago I traveled with him to Lukulu for the funeral of his mother’s young sister but he didn’t reach the funeral house because he got sick. He complained of Malaria all the way.

“We decided to come back to Mongu where he got some treatment but I think this was not adequate,” said Mrs. Mupo.

She said even when a decision to travel to Lusaka was made, Mr. Namakando was still not well complaining of fatigue and fever.

Mrs. Mupo said even on the day of the meeting at State House, Mr. Namakando came late because he was still not feeling well.

On Sunday, I went to State House earlier than him. When I saw that time was running out I called him and he asked me to meet him at the gate at State House. He actually came late and told us that he was not well,” she said.

“So I do not see any reason as to why someone should say he was poisoned or whatever. The fact is that he was sick prior to our meeting at State House. Let me also put it on record that we all ate the same food, from the same buffet including those from Lusaka,” she added.

Mrs. Mupo said if the food was poisoned as suggested by some people, everyone who ate it would have been sick but that this was not the case.

She said the distance between Lusaka and Mongu could have contributed to Mr. Namakando’s condition.

Mrs. Mupo, however, said she had been to see Mr. Namakando this morning and that he is now able to talk and walk without the help of anyone.

“As a matter of fact, I went to see him this morning and I can confirm that he is now able to talk and walk without the aid of anyone. I have briefed him about what has been said following his illness and he has actually assured that he would issue a comprehensive statement on the matter,” said Mrs. Mupo.

“All he needs now is just enough rest. He told me he has been put on quinine. I challenge those that are saying he is in a critical condition to get a camera and show the whole nation what the man’s real condition is,” she added.

On Mr. Kenneth Musangu, Mrs. Mupo said all she knew was that he was soaked when he went to visit his relations in Chilanga.

“On Mr. Musangu, who was also part of us at State House, what I know is that he was soaked by the rains when he went to Chilanga to visit some of his relatives. You know he has relatives there and that day was rainy,” she said.

On Sunday, former Western Province MMD chairman, Simasiku Namakando, in the company of other members of the dissolved provincial executive committee met President Rupiah Banda in a bid to reconcile and resolve some issues raised by the dissolved committee.

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