Namibia immigration threaten to arrest PF Mulobezi candidate for impersonation

Namibia immigration threaten to arrest PF Mulobezi candidate for impersonation

PF Mulobezi candidate Patricia Mulasikwanda was yesterday (Friday)  embarrassed by Namibian immigration officers when they threatened to arrest her for impersonation after she presented herself as Mulobezi MP. In an effort to ‘jump’ the queue at the border, Mulasikwanda lied that she was the MP for Mulobezi and therefore entitled to VIP treatment of being being attended first.



Apparently,  Mulasikwanda who doesn’t have a passport and was using a border pass, had crossed from the Zambian side but alert Namibian officers told her their records were showing UPND candidate Hastings Solilo as MP for Mulobezi.

The Namibian immigration asked Mulasikwanda to produce evidence that she is the MP for Mulobezi. When she failed to show and proof, the immigration harshly castigated her and warned her to desists from making false representations when crossing the border saying next time she would be arrested. Shaking with fear and embarrassment, Mulasikwanda apologised  as the admonishing took place in full view and hearing of other travellers. The Immigration officers ordered her to join the queue for her to be attended to.

Mulasikwanda has never been an MP for Mulobezi. Instead, Levy Mwanawasa nominated her as MP and made her gender deputy minister.

When Rupiah Banda took over, Mulasikwanda resigned saying Rupiah has was a corrupt old man who has neglected the people of Zambia. She joined UPND but when UPND did not adopt her, she switched to PF. Now PF is under Rupiah

On December 27, 2009, Mulasikwanda said the following:

“I have decided to resign from MMD with immediate effect and I have decided to join the pact through UPND,” Mulasikwanda stated.

She charged that President Rupiah Banda had abandoned the people of Zambia.

Mulasikwanda noted that President Banda and the MMD had done nothing about the poverty and hunger afflicting the Zambian people.

“…This Christmas a minister has given K150,000 to the local people to drink Kachasu to celebrate Christmas. Do you call this development?” Mulasikwanda asked. “The other reason is that Rupiah has no vision for taking Zambia to higher heights as seen that the great vision which the late president left cannot be carried forward, such as the fight against corruption, and his failure to bring the party together.”

Mulasikwanda observed that the MMD had now been divided into groups where the President had allowed people to be victimised through his close allies.

She stated that God was not a God of victimisation.

“Let God judge Rupiah and those who feed him with ill advices on corruption that Rupiah has taken as a best thing to do. The hate that has been built and found its way in his heart is the thing that has also contributed to his fall,” Mulasikwanda stated. “Lack of accountability of state resources, I have heard even the former provincial chairman of Luapula complaining of the same. Those are strong men in the political influence of our country, they speak from experience and what they know and there is need to listen to them.”

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