Namibia to close border with Zambia due to violence

Namibia to close border with Zambia due to violence

Namibia is about to close the border with Zambia due to the escalating violence in Sesheke.

All trucks from both sides of the border have already been parked.

Katima Mulilo border in Sesheke is one of the busiest frontiers as that is the route to the Sea port in Walvis Bay. Most copper from Zambia passes through Katima Mulilo.

Apparently Sesheke residents are now fighting back.

See video below 👇


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    God protect yo people.But take away all the enemies of peace including their leaders to ETERNAL REST where they shall not cause violence any more .Lord wipe them frm the surface of the Earth ths is my prayer til 2021.Wth God nothing is impossible.

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    Sadly for you “cuundu chaitwa” UPND followers,all wise Zambians know that it is UPND cadres who blocked that road in Sesheke yesterday as they tried to block PF lovers from going to attend a rally addressed by president Edgar Lungu.ZNBC TV(with a huge following across Zambia) last night informed the nation about this issue.Hence,it is UPND being blaimed here.Elections in areas where UPND seem to be strong are ever violent because UPND feel embarrassed upon losing in such areas,therefore they try all evil tricks possible to win.Soon,we shall have a by election in Bahati-Mansa and it will be peaceful because UPND is terribly weak in Luapula!!
    I repeat,CURSED IS THE DAY HH JOINED OUR LOCAL POLITICS IN 2006 BECAUSE THE DEMOCRACY ZAMBIA HOPED FOR IN 1991 UNDER FTJ CHILUBA HAS BEEN CHANGED INTO TERRORISM BY KAINDE’S DESPERATION FOR STATE HOUSE!!!Peace will only return into our politics once HH is retired(rejected for a last time by voters) in 2021!!!VOTE PF SESHEKE RESIDENTS ON 12/02/2019 FOR YOUR DISTRICT TO BE DEVELOPED!!!There will be great poverty there if you vote for a upnd candidate because HH does not allow his MPs to work with the Govnt of the day!!!THE CHOICE IS YOURS ON TUESDAY BRETHREN!!

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    abilima 1 week ago

    Ba Peace lover – Only in your head. It is not PF cadres putting those stones on the road.

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    wood mwata 1 week ago

    There are too much cadres in police and a warning to you police that gun you are using soon it will turn against yourselves.PF if you are doing well why shooting the electorates’.PF and its dental thug soon you will cry the loudest.

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    Timothy Banda 1 week ago

    Menomeno has gone to Addis to go and fight corruption for chitolela . He is also involved in the corruption sage, let him go and explain in Addis , what he did in Sesheke.

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    Peace lover 1 week ago

    It is finished

    It looks like we’re finally coming to the end of the Lungu presidency. From the way things are going, he can’t last much longer. Yes Zambians are passive but God is not and His just hand has swung to protect His people and preserve our country. Remember we are a Christian country. We are safely in His hands. Take heart, He has heard our cries.