Namibian fans hail Chipolopolo

  KATIMA MULILO – It was all-night jubilation, ululation and the unleashing of celebratory gunfire as ecstatic Katima Mulilo residents formed a convoy at the town and joined their neighbours across the Zambezi River to celebrate Zambia’s thrashing of Ivory Coast to lift the AFCON Cup.

Katima Mulilo residents and Zambian residents at Katima Mulilo jointly celebrated Zambia’s historic victory over its much-fancied rivals to clinch the Africa Cup of Nations 2012 edition.

As if a premonition had alerted the fans about the imminent win, chants had started earlier before the final was even played both in Katima Mulilo and across the border in Sesheke, Zambia.

Many residents also phoned the NBC call-in programme to congratulate Zambia.

Expectant soccer fans raced across the streets with vehicles draped in Zambian colours with loud Zambian music, to mark the country’s victory with a win that has been welcomed across the entire SADC region over one of Africa’s most feared soccer sides that is star-studded.

Zambia proved soccer pundits wrong by first beating Ghana, another tournament favourite before it locked horns with Ivory Coast in Sunday night’s final by winning on a penalty shootout by 8-7. Local soccer analysts in Katima Mulilo were equally ecstatic.

Local soccer fan and soccer official, Ben Lumponjani, said, “I’m feeling very happy right now, like it’s Namibia which won, because these guys have made SADC proud. Other SADC countries in the competition like Botswana and Angola, exited the tournament, but Zambia stood firm.”

Lumponjani believes Zambia’s victory was as a result of cohesion, teamwork and planning.

“The 1993 team was much stronger, but  Zambia has put in the youth who are united and positive.

“Apart from that they received support even from their president. That could be the reason why they were able to reach the final, it boosted their moral,” said Lumponjani.

Lumponjani believes, in the game of soccer a win could go either way, depending on planning.

“The game is all about planning. It depends on the coach. A lot of people thought Ivory Coast would win but in the end it was Zambia. Zambia is now the best football team in Africa because they took the cup,” said Lumponjani.

The Zambian team also received showers of praise on the social media network Facebook. Said one comment. “Zambia did SADC proud … from the studios to the soccer fields, what can one say?” Another one said, “today I’m sleeping on duty because of Chipolopolo, viva Zambia”.

Zambia clinched its first Africa Nations Cup in the Gabonese capital on a penalty shootout, after Kilo Toure and Gervinho of Ivory Coast both missed their chances of scoring.

The New Era of Namibia


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    david 6 years

    Viva zambia Namibia loves you. the party mood in the capital City Windhoek was more than in katima mulilo. it was joy every were. Zambia is our sister and we love you

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    donald costa chizombu 6 years

    thank aLL our loving neighbors for supporting the chipolopolo boys and our beloved nation ,here in congo peopel are so hape about zambia .T P Mazemba,D R Congo guys were so hape for zambia Chipolopolo boys. god loved zambia

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    Chippushi 6 years

    What type of a university lecturer is this? What type of philosophy is he cheating? Honestly in this time and age a learned person would sink so low as to advocate division? Please note that it is because of such retrograsive charecters that the University is always run down. Please advise this man that he should look at the positive side of uniting Zambia, we all need each other. I would agree with him if he said that Western Province for a long time has been neglected just like some of other provinces. I lived in Namibia for four years and I can confirm that the province was neglegted in as far as development is concerned and thus this government should do something about it. This professor need to be told to stop insitting innocent and peace loving lozis who for a long time could not complain about anything, please send development to Western Province and stop this Barots Nonsens which is ment to benefit a few opputunists.

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    pukuman 6 years

    even without kalu the cup was on its way to zed .we can not still foget how kalu used money and his colupt fifa to that mazabuka united oficial withdrawing petition in the last minute let alone mbola saga and mtn deal.victory should not be pratfoam to burry wrong deeds under carpet if iwas kalu i should not have stood fo another term in the end more rotten deals will be exposed .this the right time while every one is bussy looking at the cup he pave way for others swallow yo pride youngerman and let off power this timely warning

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    What a great win for Zambia the whole nation is proud!

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    Wise One 6 years

    we love you , Namibia,Malawi. Congo , south Africa,DRC,Tanzania,Botswana,Angola,Mozambique,Zimbabwe for supporting us all the way. Surely God bless Zambia, God bless Africa. We love you our neighbors

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    Agony is being fired 4 reporting late for work after zed’s victory

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    mpanda mano 6 years

    The FIRST LADY & HE MCS hosted the luncheon for the Chipolopolo lads so why are some of the bloggers crying here and accusing HE, jealousies for HE even in soccer which should unites us all. Plse pipo have a change of heart for once.

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    Rootsman Skanking 6 years

    Peace, Love and Harmony from the most High….God Bless our region in its entirety!

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    Socer has become a religion. If it was a church function very few would atend.these are endtime events where people consatrate much on entatainment than God.repent or else trouble.

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    y ni mvela so 6 years

    Chef: what would you like to hav for breakfast?
    Sunzu: some ivory toast please

    Chef: why are you using a plate to drink your tea?
    Drogba: Because Zambia has taken the cup (sob sob)

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    viva chipolopolo!we’re really the champions,& thankyou our sadc neighbours for supporting our team. and I hope our president’ll stop this scheme of realigning districts,& redrawing of provinces.

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    Mwisa mu zambia 6 years

    Good spirit from our neighbors…but sure ba kateka…we needed a public holiday not fya ma campaigns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    shimaini 6 years

    definately we did SADC REGION PROUD.

  • comment-avatar
    kalulu 6 years

    We are indeed a region of JOY, PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and TOGETHERNESS.This is also a thank you to all our fallen leaders in the SADC. VIVA ZAMBIA VIVA SADC.Chipolopolo boys, you have strengthened the UNITY in the SADC NATIONS.GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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    Mezaff flats 6 years

    Good. We need to support one another in this part of the world. We can’t let West & north Africa dominate all the time.

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    Its great to be a zambian bravo watchdog

  • comment-avatar
    MUNYELO PWETE! 6 years

    @ catholic monister!


  • comment-avatar
    Kete 6 years

    @Vampire & God, simataa has retired from all national football activities with immediate effect. Times of Zambia.

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    we have good neighbors thank you more over history ties we together

  • comment-avatar
    Catholic Monster 6 years

    Which support from the President? He sent RB and KK while he dashed off to Msanzala to campaign for his beloved PF and fob off the poor villagers with promises of 90 days results. What a shame! Instead our boys will be entertained at the State House by the First Lady today! So what are national priorities if gaining more parliamentary seats is more important to Sata than an event that unites the whole country? I am disappointed. Zambia does not need such a selfish individual as a leader. Everything is about PF and his tribe.

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    trillion 6 years


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    MKH 6 years

    congrats zambia

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    Mpimpa 6 years

    The boys’ have done us proud as a nation and the whole central and southern Africa. I have heard that they have been or will be handsomely rewarded to the tune of K300,000,000. I emplore the powers that be to direct the lads and with their monies that they will be given to ensure that they buy assets such as houses that will bring them some income and a be an enventual ‘retirement’ residence after their active life in sport. Most of the boys are young. They would want to buy cars and enjoy an easy life. Let them all prepare for their future now buy getting appreciative assets. This is but just a word of counsel from someone older than any one of them.

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    God 6 years


    Show a bit of maturity. All organisations in which elections are held always have rival camps be it in the Football Federations of World cup winners like Argentina, Germany, Brazil etc. Unfortunately idiots like yourself do not know how open societies or organisations are run. Simply because two people differ on their vision of how things should run does not render either of them illegimate. Its high time you joined the civilised world you blood sucking Vampire!

    FAZ is not only about the National Team. It is much bigger than that. It is about the development of Football in the whole country. And definitely there are Zambians who think Kalu and his men are not up to the task!

  • comment-avatar
    Mpimpa 6 years

    As SADC we are one. Our joy is your joy too and vice versa. Lets us continue with the spirit. God bless you!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Vampire-20 6 years

    Where is Simaata Simaata and group?

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    ANIMAL FARM 6 years

    I am very delighted that the whole SADC were behind their brothers “the CHIPOLOPOLO”. While its true Zambia won but we have shamed the critics or book makers who wrote off Zambia as a team with the bulk of players plying their trade in SoutH African Premier League, TP Mazemba,DR Congo, some two stars from low key teams in Europe and the rest locally based. You dont count chickens before they are hatched.Its a lesson to those who play soccer on paper and use big names. African Soccer is very different from European Soccer.

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    This is Lusaka calling 6 years

    Hi Editor of Lusaka Times, get permission from the editor of “Nyasa times” and reproduce on this site an article entitled “Death Announcement – An Elephant of I. Coast Killed by Copper Bullets” I can assure you Malawian Journalists are more imaginative than their Zambian counterparts

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    wisdom 6 years

    Zambia are indeed the true champs. Just look at how they have climbed.
    Coca-cola Inter School
    Local League,
    CECAFA and now
    AFCON, What next,
    Watch out FIFA(World) CUP.
    I know others cant believe me just give us two years.

    Thanx SADC Celebrate and move with us wisely

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    Submarine 6 years

    This Constable should have welcomed the boys at the airport and hosted the lancheon, his priorities are misplaced as usual. This chap! he is busy shifting provinces , he should have also declared a holiday, when when one of his dagga smoking buddies dies, he is so quick to declare national mourning, why not declare a holiday to celebrate. Am so pissed off!!

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    Donchi Kubeba 6 years

    Thank you SADC member countries such is the spirit, let’s turn a new leaf of supporting each other in all avenues and our region will grow stronger. I personally feel that the cup should from now on start cycling our region from country to country never again to go to other regions. We can do it if we agreed to support our efforts. Let’s try it for once and see the results. This is my suggestion what is take from others?

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    Tremendous Mpinganjira 6 years

    This victory is not only for Zambia but for the entire Southern, Eastern and even Central Africa. Our brothers in North and West Africa has dominated the AFCON so much to the extent where our participation is considered as a mere formality!

    Save for South Africas trophy when they hosted in 1996 and DRC in distant 1974, Africa.

    It is my hope that our countries will plan well for the next tournament which South Africa will host next year and also for the world cup in 2014. We need more countries from the region qualifying, even for the world cup, who knows, we could give Africa its first world cup trophy soon!!!

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    i am humbled to learn of the support Zambia received from the entire SADC region and happy. this show how united we are in the region and the love that prevails.

    We thank you SADC so much and may God bless you all.we also have one major common thing in the region that is CHRISTIAN DOMINATED region. Viva SADC.

    kindly note that as Zambians we were also supporting our brothers in BOTSWANA and ANGOLA in the afcon.we hope to have a local debby next year-2013(SADC FINAL). won’t that be great.

    iam sure it’s not possible to express this joy in words, all we can do is to thank the almighty GOD for giving Chipolopolo the ability to errupt victorious.


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    Fun 6 years

    We thank all our loving neighbors for their support towards the Chipolopolo boys and our beloved nation, Namibia, Malawi, Angola, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Congo DRC, Botswana etc. Thank you once more.

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    We are the champions, we are the champions…of the WORLD!!

    Meanwhile, I hereby promote Kennedy Mweene from TONGA BULL CLASS ONE to ….SUPER CLASS!!!!

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    Mike 6 years

    All Zambians who felt Zambia would win are ‘prophets’ just like TB Joshua. Can you imagine how many ‘prophets’ we have in Zambia? and now Namibia?

  • comment-avatar

    Thank Namibia,Malawi. Congo DR,Tanzania,Botswana,Angola,Mozambique,zimbabwe for the support. we love from Zambia.