Namibians acquitted of Human trafficking in Zambia

The State has lost the case in which a Namibian national was accused of having attempted to traffic four Zambians to Namibia via Sesheke.

Magistrate Immanuel Mukoma acquitted Raymond Basinka Matiti 61, and Likando Likando 27, both of Katimamulilo in Namibian of the charge of human Trafficking in Senanga today.

Passing judgment in Senanga today, Magistrate Mukoma said the evidence adduced by the state was porous and shaky on the subject of Human Trafficking.

He described the entire evidence by the prosecution led by Public Prosecutor Patrick Muleza as hollow and lacking substance.

Magistrate Mukoma said the court had a duty to protect the interests of both parties and that based on the evidence; it was befitting to declare the accused not guilty on the charge of Human Trafficking.

Meanwhile, the court has on the second count fined Matiti K1 million for Concealing Information contrary to the Immigration and Deportation Act.

His co-accused, Likando Likando was also fined K1 million for Failing to appear before an Immigration Officer when entering the country contrary to the Immigration and Deportation Act.

Magistrate Mukoma ruled that the two accused would serve two years imprisonment with hard labor in default.

On 24th August this year Police in Nangweshi arrested Matiti and Likando for allegedly attempting to traffic four people to Namibia via Sesheke.

It was alleged that the duo wanted to traffic Memory Kailu 8, Mushe Likando 9, Sindabu Ndala 16 and Nakushuwa Ngondo.


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