Namugala drags MMD to court, but MMD to complain against her lawyer

Catherine Namugala has dragged the MMD to court seeking an injunction to stop the party from expelling her while on the other hand challenging the appointment of Kapembwa Simbao as National Secretary.

But the MMD plans to complain the Law Association of Zambia of the misconduct of Namugala’s lawyer RobinsoAn injunction to restrain the Defendants to expel the Plaintiff.

According to papers filed in court on Monday, Namugala is suing the MMD and Kapembwa Simbao. She wants the court to Determine   whether Simbao  is the legitimate Acting Nationa Secretary of the MMD.

She wants the court to nullify the appointment of Simbao as acting National Secretary.

She also wants to  nullify the MMD NEC meeting of 3nt January 2013 and its proceedings  as null and void to form a quorum.

Namugala’s lawyer is Robinson Malipenga.

But the Watchdog understands that by representing Namugala, Robinson Malipenga has committed professional misconduct and  a complaint will be lodged to the Law Association of Zambia by the Movement for Multi Party Democracy.

A source has disclosed that Mr. Malipenga who is representing the party in a matter in which it has sued Commerce Minister Bob Sichinga for alleging that the MMD government printed three trillion Kwacha has also been retained by embattled MMD National Chairlady Catherine Namugala who has sued Acting National Secretary Kapembwa Simbao and the MMD.

Meanwhile another source has disclosed that Namugala has been making frantic efforts to make sure that the Post Newspaper should be the first media house to publish the story of her suing the MMD. She has emphasized to her aides that the Watchdog should only know about the story after it comes out in the Post Newspapers.

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