Namugala was duly elected, says PF Supreme Court

The discredited Supreme Court bench this morning upheld the election of MMD Mafinga MP Catherine Namugala in a clear case of inconsistency and bias by discredited and  illegal, over-aged, Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.
Before she chose to be used against her party the MMD, The ruling PF petitioned the election of Namugala on accou…nt that she donated two million Kwacha to the church during the 2011 elections.
But the same Supreme Court nullified the election of Solwezi Central MP, Lucky Mulusa on account of having donated one million kwacha also to the church, which is slightly a smaller amount of money than what Namugala actually donated to the church.
Namugala currently stands expelled from the MMD for destabilising the party by belonging to the Richard Kachingwe camp that wants party president Nevers Mumba expelled.
The Supreme Court, on orders from ailing dictator Michael Sata, has also nullified several seats belonging to critical opposition MPs despite the High Court having upheld their seats.
If Namugala’s seats had been nullified, it is clear MMD would not have entertained the idea of her being adopted under the party.

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