Namulambe, another PF mole in MMD, admits secret, midnight visit to State House

Namulambe, another PF mole in MMD, admits secret, midnight visit to State House


MMD chairman for elections Gabriel Namulambe has admitted to a secret meeting with President Michael Sata at State House.

The Zambian Watchdog reported on Friday that State House sources had seen Namulambe sneak into a meeting with President Sata on Thursday night.

After being exposed as a shameless chancer, Namulambe confirmed the meeting claiming he had gone to meet President Sata to discuss development projects in his constituency and not to look for a job.

He was at state House around midnight.

Namulambe is said to be the latest MMD member to have secretly been recruited to create confusion in the former ruling party after National Secretary Major Richard Kachingwe was expelled.

The former works and supply minister who is also hoping his corruption charges will be dropped has already started issuing pro PF statement as part of his assignment from President Sata.

In his first public pro-PF task, Namulambe has supported the government decision to start constructing President Sata’s official residency, barely a year after coming into office.

Namulambe is also the discredited but unnamed source who has been giving the Post newspaper stories about the MMD.

He is the one who was quoted by the Post saying NEC members were opposing the appointment of Kapembwa Simbao as National Secretary when it is only him.

But Monze UPND member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu said it is illegal to start constructing Sata’s retirement house while other former presidents had no official residences built for them.

Government has budgeted for K1.4 billion in this year’s budget towards he construction of Sata’s presidential house.

In the recent past, State House has become a place where Sata and his leaders are planning to destroy the MMD. Initially, Major Richard Kachingwe visited State House twice and later started causing confusion in the MMD.

Maj Kachingwe’s discreet move as a PF sponsored moron to damage the MMD has cost his membership in the party after his actions were exposed.

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