Namulambe destroyed my marriage – Ndola pastor

Dear Editor;

I am Dr. Justine Likuka, a Pastor and founder of Gates of Glory Ministries. I have been a victim of Namulambe’s adulterous acts and am right now battling a divorce by my wife Barbara Ngosa, a cousin to former Vice President Augustine Lupando Mwape.

I have a story that would add more credence to the article you carried about Namulambe on the Watchdog. I should have given you this story a long time ago – but was hoping things will work out in my marriage.

In brief- in 2011, Namulambe dished out K250 Million then to my wife in circumstances unknown and unexplained. When I discovered, I personally called Namulambe and spoke to him, asked him why he would give such a huge amount of money to somebody’s wife – he gave me some vague explanation including that Lupando Mwape had directed him to do so-which I proved was a lie.

After he realized I had discovered them – he involved some bailiff who came to my office at Broadway in Ndola; I told the Bailiff to goback and tell Namulambe I would not take his tricks lightly, and that he should be careful with what he was doing. This was almost 2 years from the time he had given the money to my wife. In 2013, Namulambe started sending me sms’s – the last that came from his number was actually a threat to which I reacted badly and warned him to stay away from me. After that I started receiving threats from unknown numbers, texts and finally a warning by having the breaks of my car cut off in Lusaka. [Honda Civic Hybrid – ACP 907]. Afew minutes after the breaks incidence, a text was sent to my sister’s number alarming her that she was going to receive bad news –

This continued till recently when I sent Namulambe an sms telling him to leave me alone as his concubine [my wife] was now in the country – and that if he wanted information, he should contact his inlaws; meaning my wife’s relatives to which he did and contacted my wife’s elder sister in Livingstone.


Dr. Justine Likuka

JBL Global Networks Ltd
1/Floor – Broadway Complex. Ndola CBD
P O Box 72585

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