Namulambe has been fired



President Rupiah Banda has fired science and technology minister Gabriel Namulambe.

President Banda’  press aide Dickson Jere has confirmed that President Banda on ‘Sunday revoked the appointment of Hon. Gabriel Namulambe, MP, as Minister of Science, Technology and Vocational Training with immediate effect.’

“President Banda, in exercise of the powers vested in him pursuant to the provisions of Article 44(5) of the Constitution of Zambia, revoked the appointment of Hon. Namulambe as Cabinet Minister with immediate effect,’ said Jere

According to Jere, President Banda thanked Namulambe ‘ most sincerely on behalf of the Zambian people, for the service that you have rendered to the nation during the period that you served in various portfolios in my Government.

Jere said the President will announce the replacement of  Namulambe later.

Parallel information received by the Watchdog indicate that the replacement for Namulambe will be announced at the same time with Sakwiba Sikota’ appointment  as Justice Minister.

“George Kunda will be retained as vice president but there is 99 per cent chance that Sakwiba Sikota is coming in as Justice minister,’ said one of our usually accurate sources.

The source explained that the appointment of a new Justice minister will have to wait a bit longer so that the people calling on Kunda to resign don’t get the impression that they have won.

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