Namulambe refusing to support his numerous out of wedlock children

Namulambe refusing to support his numerous  out of wedlock children

As adulterous Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba was busy condemning the Zambian Watchdog, the Watchdog was busy investigating the immorality and irresponsibility of his deputy Gabriel Namulambe.

Watchdog investigations reveal that Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabriel Namulambe has six children out of wedlock but does not support any of them. Instead he is threatening to kill one of his children’s mothers for demanding child support.

Even dogs, cats, bluebirds and pigs take care of their children but not the PF minister.

One of the children Namulabe has neglected was born to Malambo Hatembo, daughter of Former Home Affairs Deputy Minister in the MMD government Edwin Hatembo.

Investigations further reveal that Namulambe has five other children with different women and takes care of none.

Namulambe in 2012 started cohabiting with Malambo and in the process sired a child named Temweni Namulambe born at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) on 05/03/13 with total weight of 3.1 kg according to birth records obtained by this publication.

According to investigations, Namulambe has not been offering child support to his own daughter and has been summoned by the Zambia Police Victim Support Unit (VSU) at Chilenje Police Station twice but he has refused to go because he is a Deputy Minister.

Further, Namulambe has been threatening to kill Malambo Hatembo the mother of Temweni Namulambe if she continues asking for Child support.

Zambian Watchdog managed to trace Malambo Hatembo and she had this to say.

“Yes I have a child with Gabriel, I have actually lived in his house for some time but after delivering Temweni. Actually he is the one who even named the daughter. After delivering everything became sour. He just gave me K2 million then now K 2000 to buy things for the baby. From that time nothing has been forthcoming. It is only last month that he sent K1000.”Namulambe Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 17.59.10

When contacted for a comment, Malambo Hatembo’s father Edwin Hatembo expressed disappointment that a senior government official could deliberately refuse to support his child.

“Yes my dear I’m the father to Malambo and it is true that Namulambe has failed to look after his daughter. My daughter is complaining everyday and now I’m told she is even being threatened that she will be killed. I have tried to involve other people to mediate but Namulambe is refusing to talk,” he said.

Mr. Hatembo who sounded very angry during the interview said he had sent Mr. Mikatazo Wakumelo to mediate but Namulambe refused. He then sent Mr. Joshua Simuyandi former Chairperson for the Public Service Commission but again Namulambe refused.

“I wanted to raise the issue when Namulambe was campaigning in Mpongwe but I said no, people will say just because he is contesting elections. We have tried as a family to sit him down so that he can take responsibility but he is not cooperative,” Mr. Hatembo said.

Malambo further complained that Namulambe has refused to sign documents from Registrar of births so that Temweni (The Daughter) can get a birth certificate.

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