Namulambe resigns

Namulambe resigns

Namulambe in PF attire

Mpongwe MP Gabriel Namulambe has resigned from the MMD. Namulambe was due to resign and join PF next Saturday but exposure has forced him to bring forward his action.

The Watchdog has also been informed that president Michael Sata has ordered DPP Mutembo Nchito to enter a nolle prosecui in the cases where Namulambe is facing charges of stealing bicycles.

When announcing his resignation at the PF secretariat, Namulambe claimed that   before he joined the PF, the MMD had lost direction and that the MMD was not following its own party constitution.

He said he  he was disappointed with the manner in which Richard  Kachingwe hounded of the MMD as National Secretary.

He also claimed that the MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) did not make the quorum when they expelled him Kachingwe from the party. He said according to MMD constitution the NEC is supposed of 64 members and they needed about 32 to form a quorum but when the MMD NEC meet they were 32 and among the 32 some members were absent with apologies and some members were not members of the NEC.

He said that he had never asked for a job from the PF. But what he wants is to be become a member of the ruling PF party.

“ I Gabriel Namulambe have decided to resign with immediate effect with all the party functions in MMD I have resigned them also” he said.

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