Namulambe sneaks into State House

MMD chairperson for elections Gabriel Namulambe was last night seen entering State House at the heat of the night.

Sources at State House told the Watchdog that Namulambe left State House just before midnight. He is said to have had a one hour ‘meeting’ with president Michael Sata over a job offer.

A day or two ago, Namulambe told the PF praise-singers that the PF  should consider quality and not quantity as they look for MMD members of parliament to work with in government.

Namulambe said the PF should not just look at having numbers on their side but quality as well.

“It is not about quantity but quality. The other thing is that when you want to have some people to work with you, you must be able to derive something from them in terms of knowledge, respect and value addition to the political party in general. They should be able to get people that would add value to the party than those even if they got them…because you see it is not right that PF must spend money even for instance to win an election.

A person must be able to help reduce even the amount of money that is spent in terms of campaigns because of the quality in that person,” said Namulambe.

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