Namulambe wins Mpongwe amid aparthy and irregularities, takes on Watchdog

Namulambe wins Mpongwe amid aparthy and irregularities, takes on Watchdog


PF thugs celebrating fake victory

Newly elected Mpongwe constituency MP Gabriel Namulambe says he is happy that he has been re-elected and has declared that he will now develop Mpongwe as he turns himself into a work horse.

Namulambe only won by 1500 votes despite using government machinery, lies and  intimidation.

And UPND ‘s Chilufya has thanked the people of Mpongwe for having shown faith in him despite the huge harrassment they got from the PF cadres. He says this election is just the beginning of the many political fortunes for the UPND as it had now grown stronger in Mpongwe.

But despite his so called victory, Namulambe decided to attack the Zambian Watchdog. He described the Zambian Watchdog as liars and demanded that their reporters be factual. He told the celebrants that he wished the Watchdog was there in the hall where he was celebrating from so that he could talk to them. Unknown to him, there were  Zambian Watchdog staff in just in front of him.
Namulambe won the election which was charecterised by  voter apathy as a result of electoral malpractices allegedly perpetuated by the PF during the campaigns. Namulambe was declared winner by returning officer Joackim Mangwale after polling 4,600 against Rapson chilufya of UPND who polled 3,069. Minniver Mutesa of MMD was third with 901 followed by Ronald Ndhlovu of NAREP with 588 and lastly Kenny Kuveya polled 110 on behalf of UNIP.


Namulambe talking to journalists after ‘winning’

Less than 10 000 people voted out fo the 34,642 registered voters in the vastest constituency on the Copperbelt.
After voting closed yesterday at 18:00hrs Chilufya earlier took a lead from the polling stations mostly in Ibenga and Mpongwe central areas, until after midnight when some other polling stations’ results started coming in putting the PF leader in the lead till he was declared winner today after delayed arrival of ballot boxes from six polling stations which were brought by a chopper.
Accepting the victory at the civic centre amidst jubiliation from the PF cadres that he was now going to turn himself into a work horse so that he quickly brings development projects to Mpongwe. He heaped his decision to resign on the alleged poor leadership exhibited in the MMD after the death of Levy Mwanawasa.
And asked by journalists as to whether he had traded his seat for the court cases he was facing, he got annoyed with the question and started lecturing reporters on the separation of powers principle. “Let me educate you now on the separation of powers principle, I have been elected to the national assembly, then there is the executive and the judiciary (leaving out the media!), so the judiciary should go ahead and do their work, me I have been elected, period!” said the parliamentarian who is facing court cases ranging from theft of hammer mills to bicycles.
meanwhile Namulambe used the occassion to attack the Zambian watchdog for what he called unprofessional reporting and praised the other media houses present. “I am disappointed with the Watchdog and their reporting, I woulkd have loved they are here so that they ask me questions and I explain instead of merely insinuating, they lied to me that I went to state house so that I can resign because of my cases but the actual reason of me going to statehouse at night was to go and discusss the Mpongwe Machiya road,” said Namulambe. Namulambe attacked the online publication for exposing his night visit to state house and the rampant abuse of state resources in this election which he has eventually won.
“Despite the PF breaching the electoral code of conduct by beating our supporters, police detaining our supporters and the recent burning of my house iIbenga I have no intentions of petitioning but would give chance to Namulambe to prove the development claims he has been making that he is able to deliver only when he is on the ruling party, twamupela ruling party tumone efyo alachita nayo (we have given him the ruling party and let us see what he will do with it)” said Chilufya in an interview with journalists at his residence.
NAREP losing candidate Reagan Ndhlovu said the election was charecterised by huge voter intimidation and that the playing ground was not levelled. he complained of heavy police involvement in town, which he said could have led to low voter turn out.


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