Namulambe’s resignation; my view

By James Mwape

One of the most painful experiences in my life is when I have a look at the (in) equality of the politicians whom we have entrusted to guide us as a nation. A typical case in point is the resignation of Mpongwe MP Honourable Gabriel   Namulambe from MMD to PF.

First and foremost I do appreciate that he has the right to join any party of his choice. No one can take that from him. Nevertheless, what annoys me is the quality of reasoning behind the resignation. It does not reflect the character of a person who deserves to be an MP or cabinet minister at all. It is no wonder that despite all the resources that Zambia has been endowed with, development is so elusive because of failure by our leaders to articulate issues clearly.
I do appreciate that MMD has got its own problems but as a member of NEC has he tried to solve those problems with his colleagues in NEC? If he says he does not agree with the dictatorial tendencies of Dr Nevers Mumba, does he agree with the dictatorial tendencies in PF? MMD has all its leaders duly elected at conventions. How many leaders in PF are democratically elected? If at all PF has held any convention in its more than ten years of its existence, then may someone remind me.
Does he agree with the way Judge Ngoma attacked Sam Zulu at a hotel in Lusaka? Today Judge Ngoma has been given a presidential pardon and rewarded with a job. The simple interpretation to this is that the appointing authority (Mr Sata) condones hooliganism.
The Chawama saga is still fresh in our minds. Does he agree to that as well, considering that he knows who the architect of that barbaric saga is?
Does he agree with the way Hakainde Hichilema is being treated? For a president of a third biggest political party in the land to be denied a permit to host a rally is not what democracy entails.
Does he agree with the arrest of Dr Nevers Mumba and company for those silly charges?
Does he agree with having a president who goes to National Assembly and reduces it to Lusaka Play House? Comedians like Ukwa, late Sauzande and  Maximo, Bob Nkosha and the rest do so because they have chosen to be comedians. I want to believe that given an opportunity to hold any high profile office, the above mentioned people would certainly shed off the comic image and adopt one that suits the office.
Does he agree with the idea of winning elections on fake promises? A very good example is the Barotseland Agreement which he promised to honour ‘within 90 days’. Today, more than one year after assuming office, unemployment levels are still high.
The last time we queued for mealie meal was in 1990. Today we are seeing shortages of the commodity. Does he agree to that as well?
There is no written agreement that the people of Lambaland should never belong to the opposition. If at all they belonged to the ruling party for the past 48 years it is just that they chose to vote for the ruling party. There is no harm in belonging to the opposition in any civilized democracy. Development ought not to follow people because they patronise the ruling party but because they are citizens of that country and are therefore entitled to it, Period.
I would have love d to go and on, but I will choose to end here. In the meantime, I wish Namulambe an enjoyable stay in the PF.

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