Namwala council starts levying dogs

The Namwala District Council would soon introduce dog levy in accordance with the control of dogs Act Cap 247 of the laws of Zambia.

The proposed levies for dogs would range from K2,700 per male dog and K2,250 per female dog for owners living in the council area, with K1,500 per male dog and K1800 per female dog for owners living in customary areas.

This came to light during a full council meeting today as the council need its revenue to expand its collection to meet the increasing demand for provision of services in the district.

Acting Council Secretary, Gibson Mweemba, noted that the council has not been collecting dog levy but added that it would soon start collecting the levies since it was law.

And councillors unanymously agreed for the dog levy charges to be in effect in the district.

Meanwhile, Mr Mweemba said there was steady progress on infrastructural development in the District.

He said a number of schools were almost completed as most school infrastructure was at roofing level.

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