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Namwala UPND officials ask Chizyuka to resign

Some Members of the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Patriotic Front (PF) in Namwala District have advised UPND area MP Major Robbie Chizyuka to resign instead of destabilizing the UPND/PF pact.
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is currently in Namwala.
During a brief meeting whose resolutions were made available to ZANIS today, the 18 cadres said it was wrong for Major Chizyuka to start issuing statements that are bordered on instilling mistrust among members from both parties in the country.
The cadres said it would do Major Chizyuka good to just keep quiet if he does not want to exculpate himself than issue statement that are injurious to the pact.
The cadres added that Major Chizyuka has disappointed not only the party officials but the ordinary members of UPND in Namwala Constituency going by his behavior in parliament which led to his suspension and now stands suspended in the party.
They also said the MP’s assertions during his press briefing yesterday that the UPND/PF pact was headed for doom was his only wishful thinking as the members of both parties were in full support of the pact and more united in Districts such as Namwala.
Among the party officials who signed the press statement included, UPND Constituency Chairman Mr Simon Hamweene, District PF Chairman Mr Humphrey Mayonda, UPND District vice chairman Mr Clifford Musanje, District PF Chairlady Ms Veronica Imbuwa, UPND District treasurer Ms Ruth Moonga.
Others include UPND District secretary Mr Bedson Nkolola, PF District secretary Mr jimmy Chaandwe, and several other UPND and PF youths.
But Change Life Zambia Executive Director, Fr Frank Bwalya has condemned what he describes as barbaric behavior exhibited by Patriotic Front and United Party for National Development cadres who disrupted suspended Namwala Member of Parliament, Robby Chizyuka’s media briefing on Tuesday.
Father Bwalya says time has come for politicians to be more tolerant of divergent views and allow for freedom of expression to be enforced as a norm of democracy.
Fr Bwalya expressed sadness that political leaders have failed to educate their membership on the importance of observing the rule of law.
He said the behavior exhibited by the cadres is a danger to Zambia’s growing democracy which is supposed to be anchored on freedom of speech.
Father Bwalya called on the Zambia police service to ensure that perpetrators of such acts are brought to book.

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