Namwala woman gives birth to a bird?

A 25 YEAR old Woman of Namwala District has given birth to a bird in bizarre circumstances which has shocked medical staff at Namwala District Hospital.

Both District Commissioner Wilson Siadunka and Acting District Medical Officer Dr Davy Kaile confirmed this incident to ZANIS today.

The woman identified as Phaneti Ndabengwa of Kasenga area was admitted at the Hospital on Monday this week after she told medical staff that she was four months pregnant and had abdominal pains.

Dr Kaile narrated that the same night the woman went to the toilet after which she felt something coming out of her womanhood.

He said the woman called for help and nurses rushed to help her and were shocked to find a bird which came out of her womanhood.

Dr Kaile said the incident has left medical staff perplexed adding that a thorough Medical investigation conducted revealed the woman’s uterus was normal and further showed no signs of pregnancy.

Dr Kaile also said the Medical staff has kept the bird in the laboratory for further investigations.

In an interview with ZANIS, Ms Ndabengwa who looked shaken failed to narrate what happened.

The woman is alleged to have had an affair with a married man and given the high belief in witchcraft among people in Namwala, there is speculation that the woman could have been bewitched for going out with someone’s husband.

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