Namwala woman with baby denied bail



Prison bound Charity Shachaambwa (blue top)

The regime has continued to hold Charity Shachaambwa, and her 18 month old baby in Namwala prison on framed up charges of riotous behaviour and arson.

In Nammwala, PF and UPND cadres were fighting but the UPND cadres are taken to prison while PF cadres are taken to a school to be fed on milk, eggs and honey and portrayed as victims.

When the matter came up today before the Magistrates court in Namwala, her lawyers Joseph Akafumba and Aaron Mainza applied that the accused be granted bail in line with her constitutional rights but the state objected to the application.

Shachaambwa is one of the 48 people in prison for framed up charges of arson and riotous behaviour. The court has adjourned the matter to 30th August for ruling on the bail application, meaning all the accused will spend the weekend in jail. They have been in jail since 15th August.

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