Nangoma MP gives hospital ambulance

Nangoma Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Boyd Hamusonde has donated an ambulance to Nangoma Mission Hospital to easy transport problems at the institution.

Mr Hamusonde said during the donation at the hospital that the ambulance was meant to assist the hospital with transport.

He said the hospital had a large catchment area adding that health services without transport posed a major hindrance for both patients and health workers.

Mr Hamusonde said that the onus was now on the community and hospital administration to ensure that the ambulance was used for its intended purpose.

The ambulance was bought by the MP and government helped with clearance charges to help the Mumbwa community.

And Mumbwa District Health Director Dr. Christopher Dube thanked the MP for the donation noting that it was a timely one.

Dr. Dube said that the ambulance would impact positively on the discharge of health services in Nangoma and Mumbwa district as a whole.

Meanwhile senior chief Shakumbila commended the MP for the donation and expressed hope that the move would lead to better service of referral cases such as maternal, malaria, TB among other illnesses.

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